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Financial Aid Events


2019 Spring Workshops

Weber is pleased to announce the dates for our upcoming Spring Workshop!

Monday, April 29th - Tuesday, April 30th

You know those times you wish you had someone right in front of you to explain things and answer all of your questions? Well, here is your chance to visit Weber & Associates Inc., to meet face to face with financial aid professionals, and the opportunity to ask all of those questions that have been rolling around in your head! Learn new federal reporting requirements, eligibility guidelines, program updates, and the latest breaking news from Washington. Also, we will be covering SURE, overlapping award and academic years, and brief explanations on how to navigate the Weber software systems. Every attendee will receive a certificate upon completion of the seminar.

We are also changing the format from a half day on Sunday and full day on Monday, to two full days! We hope that the change will allow us to bring even more content that you need to help your students.

Come experience Greenville, SC and see why we are voted one of the top ten downtowns in America! Head over to the visit greenville sc website to get a jump start on planning your time outside of the workshop events.


Financial Aid Fundamentals Spring Workshop - Greenville, SC

April 29th, 2019

  • Learning the basics of Title IV aid
  • Learning about how campus-based aid can help your school
  • Learning how your school's financial aid office works with Weber, from beginning to end, to deliver Title IV funding to your students

Financial Aid Fundamentals Spring Workshop


Spring Financial Aid Annual Update - Greenville, SC

April 30th, 2019

  • Learning about any updates to verification, reporting, or student eligibility
  • Taking a deep-dive into the VFAO Support Site
  • Learning how to report academic year correctly for the purpose of SULA reporting
  • Getting more information on NSLDS Enrollment Reporting and the VFAO SURE system
  • Reviewing topics that most affect schools when undergoing a program review or audit

Spring Financial Aid Annual Update


Spring Workshop Webinars

We have made some changes to the workshop schedule - see below:

The same content will be covered each week, so sign up early to get the information first! Each presentation will be divided up over two days, with half of the content delivered on the first date listed, from 1:00pm EDT to 4:00pm EDT, and the remaining content delivered on the second date, from 1:00pm EDT to 4:00pm EDT.

You will receive a certificate of completion as well as all of the presentation materials upon successful attendance at each webinar.

2019 Spring Workshop Webinars

April 1-2 Fundamentals Webinar

April 3-4 Federal Update Webinar

April 8-9 Fundamentals Webinar

April 10-11 Federal Update Webinar

April 15-16 Fundamentals Webinar

April 17-18 Federal Update Webinar

April 22-23 Fundamentals Webinar - canceled

April 24-25 Federal Update Webinar - canceled

Update as of 3/26/19: We are funneling all registrations to the first 3 weeks in April

You can click directly on the dates and links above to head straight to sign up!

Also, don't forget our Greenville, SC location hands on and in person workshops on April 29th and 30th!

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns! We are happy to help!


Instructions for using Skype for Business for the webinars is available on our Support Site, login is required:  Webinar Instructions