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Case Study

Multi-Branch University Keeping Up With Growth and Avoiding Adverse Audit Findings

Who came to Weber & Associates, Inc. and why?

A large institution with four branch locations came to Weber & Associates, Inc. to question how we could assist them with their over 1,000 students and growth.


What specifically was the situation?

The institution felt that the systems and services provided by another third-party service were having difficulty keeping pace with their growth and that they also had had some audit findings.


What was important to the prospect?

It was important to the institution to have the situation resolved in a timely manner so the organization’s service offerings could grow while avoiding any adverse audit findings in future audits.


Why did they come to Weber & Associates, Inc.?

After consulting with another state school representative who had previously had problems with their program review and were using Weber & Associates, Inc.’s services, the school representative referred them to Weber & Associates, Inc.


What did Weber & Associates do?

Dr. Harry Weber explained that Weber & Associates, Inc.’s Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) system, a patented product, was perfect for a growing institution with multiple locations.  He explained that with the VFAO system that each campus was recognized as a stand-alone entity, but part of the home institution.  This system allows for student access to individual interviews by students at each campus and allows for separate reports for each campus and the institution as a whole.  The VFAO has provided them with the reports they need to manage their financial aid programs and maintain a consistent level of cash flow.


What was the result of the Weber & Associates, Inc.’s activity?

At the time the institution began using our services they had four campuses and they now have five locations with multiple program types.  Since then, there have been two audits with no findings with the work completed by Weber & Associates, Inc.