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Case Study

Managing Financial Aid for New Online Programs of a 2,500-Student University

Who came to Weber & Associates and Why?

The vice president of a university with over 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students contacted Weber & Associates, Inc. as their administrative leadership was contemplating how their financial aid office could handle the growth they were expecting with new online programs.


What specifically was the situation?

New online programs were being offered, which was increasing student count along with financial aid disbursements.  This new growth required new management so that funds would be disbursed properly.


What was important to the prospect?

The institution needed to access a scalable financial aid management solution in a timely manner so the organization’s service offering could grow, seamlessly, for the expected growth in online programs.


Why did they come to Weber & Associates, Inc.?

They had been referred to Weber & Associates, Inc. by one of their development officers who knew of Weber & Associates and decided to come to us with this unique challenge.


What did Weber & Associates do?

We explained how our patented Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) could provide solutions to growth opportunities, especially with online program students.  We followed up with an online demonstration and after several planning discussions, an agreement was signed.  The VFAO system was then implemented on schedule producing favorable, immediate results.


What was the result of the Weber & Associates activity?

What the institution thought would take months to implement took the Weber staff only a few days of customization and configuration to meet the needs of the institution.  This institution participates in Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loan, FSEOG, and FWS as well as state grant programs and institutional scholarship programs.   Plans were then made to begin packaging student files and delivering award notices to students for the new financial aid award year.

This institution was able to manage their “growth pains” while reducing staff rather than adding staff. Their conclusion just like many others using the VFAO outsourcing is “It works!”