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Case Study

Small College gets Affordable Guidance on How to Gain Approval to Participate in Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs

The president of a small college contacted Weber & Associates, Inc. regarding their recent candidacy for accreditation and was concerned about what he needed to do in order to gain approval by the U.S. Department of Education for his college to participate in the Title IV Federal Student Aid programs.  Furthermore, he was deeply concerned about fees as high as $10,000 that some consultants charge to assist in the process.  So he contacted his accrediting agency to ask if they could recommend someone to guide them through the process without breaking the bank.  They were subsequently referred to Weber & Associates, Inc.

Upon calling Weber & Associates, this college president was told by the Weber sales executive “we understand that your funds are tight, especially after your institution has just completed the costly accreditation process.  Activities such as self-evaluation reports, audits, team visits all can have a significant impact on the institution’s budget.  We understand the dilemma faced by small institutions trying to get started in the federal financial aid programs.  For that reason, we charge no up-front fees for preliminary federal aid eligibility and participation consulting.  When the institution finally does receive its approval to participate and is receiving aid money, the fee paid to Weber is less than $1,000.”

When asked what Weber does for the institution as part of its preliminary federal aid eligibility and participation consulting, Weber explained “everything from the initial electronic application to helping the institution write policies and set up the program structure to administer aid for its students after approval.”  When the school president asked how the company could provide everything involved for such a small amount, Weber explained “frankly, we are not interested in a hit and run, we are interested in a long-term service relationship.”  This institution went on to be approved by the U.S. Department of Education for participation in the Title IV programs.

This institution is just one example of many institutions that has benefited from Weber & Associates, Inc.’s outreach and caring to serve postsecondary educational institutions so that they may better serve their students.  Weber believes that “no school is too small to be well-served.”