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Transfer Students and Overlapping Academic Years


The Nuts and Bolts of Overlapping Academic Years and Transfer Students 


Calculating Title IV aid for transfer students with overlapping academic years can provide significant challenges to all involved. 

It is important that both the financial aid officers and the students understand the ramifications of not completing an academic year at one school, before enrolling in a program at another school, and the impact that aid already received and hours earned at a prior school could have on Title IV eligibility in a new program. 

Information that is to be taken into consideration for these students will vary, depending on: 

1. Transfer hours accepted by the new school/program 

2. Type of program that the student is transferring into at the new school 

3. Academic Year reported by the prior school 

4. Amount of funds already received at the prior school 


Transfer Hours earned and applied to a new program 

If a student’s transfer hours from a previous school will be applied to the new program in which the student is enrolled at the new school, it is important to note the number of hours the student will need to complete in order to finish the program at the new school. 

For purposes of calculating payment periods only, the length of the program is the number of credit or clock-hours and weeks of instructional time the student has remaining in the program that he or she re-enters or transfers into. Aid will be based on these periods. 


The Type of program that the student is transferring into at the new school 

1. Credit-Hour Programs offered in Standard Terms and Nonstandard Term Programs offered in terms that are substantially equal in length (SE): 

  a. Initial Direct Loan packaging will be for the term(s) that overlap with the prior school’s reported Academic Year on COD 

  b. Funds may be limited by amounts received at prior school 

  c. Subsequent packaging will complete the Academic Year Reporting for the new school 

  d. Pell is packaged on a “normal” schedule 


2. All other: Credit-Hour Programs offered in non-standard terms that are not SE, clock hour and non-term credit hour programs: 

 a. Initial Direct Loan Packaging will be for an “Abbreviated Loan Period” (Start Date at the new school , and the end date of the academic year reported by prior school on COD) and the following information will be needed: 

   1. Start date at the new school 

   2. Cost of attendance for abbreviated loan period 

   3. Hours to be completed during the abbreviated loan period 

b. Funds may be limited by amounts received at prior school  

c. Subsequent packaging will be for a loan period that starts a new Academic Year at the new school and subject to normal BBAY3 progression rules. The loan period must begin after the academic year reported by prior school on COD has elapsed.  

d. Pell is packaged on a “normal” schedule  


If you are a current Weber customer, you can always reach out to our VFAO Support team for additional training or to answer specific student compliance questions! If you are not yet a Weber customer, and have questions about Overlapping Academic Years and Transfer students, or want to know how we can support you with this and other regulatory questions, please contact us at 888-857-8690 or