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Does Your Institution Need A Third Party Service?


These questions are presented to assist you in comparing the two delivery systems, protect your institution, and to give you guidance towards a proper comparative measurement both administratively and financially. Use this list of questions to help evaluate your current situation and make the best decisions for your institution.

· Has your institution had findings with financial aid when the A-133 audit was completed?

· Has your institution had administrative difficulty when one or more of the financial aid staff resigned or left due to personal problems or illness?

· Have your students complained about the financial aid process or the time involved to receive a notice of their financial aid?

· How much time does your current staff spend doing financial aid interviews with students?

· How much time does your current staff spend following up with students to obtain the information needed to secure an award for financial aid?

· How much time does the current staff spend evaluating the student’s ISIR to determine verification or comment code requirements, obtaining verification documentation, and completing the verification process?

· How much time does your financial aid staff spend packaging the student’s financial aid and awarding grants, loans, and scholarships?

· How much time does the institution’s business office staff or financial aid staff spend reporting data to COD, NSLDS, and G-5 prior to the handling of funds received for students.

· How much time does the financial aid staff spend answering questions from students?

· Does the person responsible for managing the financial aid staff have access to reports necessary to answer questions management may have, or do they have to wait for the financial aid officer to provide the answers. More specifically, helping a frustrated student to understand where they are in the process.

· Does your financial aid process enhance the admissions process or provide road blocks to the admissions process?

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