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The Tree Story - Weber and Associates

Harry Weber is a visionary.  As with most company founders and presidents, Harry knew when he started Weber & Associates that it would be more than just a company that bore his name.  His vision was one of serving others; of providing expertise to help other organizations and to build a company tall and strong.

With a new business comes a new identity.  A new identity brings a brand, a logo, and a promise.  During the development of the business and the thinking associated with business identity, Harry came upon a tree; a full fledgling, strong, fruit-bearing tree.  The proverbial entrepreneurial light bulb went off in Harry’s head and he immediately thought of the tree as a symbol for his business and all that it stood for.

Tree logos, and the related identity, are used by many companies, in various industries, all over the world.  The use of the tree logo is a universally recognizable symbol that represents many things including life, wisdom, strength, protection, growth, prosperity and abundance.  Harry knew those descriptors represented the type of company he wanted to build.  He knew the very image of the tree that he had in his mind, would convey strength and stability.  That tree symbolism continues as you think about leaves, branches and fruit, all representing a true focus, whether it's a tree or a thriving business; Harry Weber’s business.

Harry’s initial thoughts also were that a tree takes many years to develop its structure, the associated strength and the beauty to behold.  Harry knew that building a company would take structure; that with the right structure would come the right strength and strong companies turn in to successful ventures, a sense of pride and a true service and giving to others.

Harry’s thinking extended beyond that initial thought.  He knew that a tree possesses integrity and reliability, just like a successful business just and like the values practiced now by Weber & Associates include.

He knew a tree takes time to grow; he knew the business would take time to grow, and grow it did.  Today, that “Weber tree,” has produced a business of 15 people with more than 10 years experience serving hundreds of customers in the past, now and many more into the future. That base is well over 300 years of total experience in the area of expertise of financial aid management.

Customers trust Weber & Associates with the very important asset of helping them service their customer, the student.  Weber’s history is rooted in expertise and service and continues today with their ongoing mission.

This trust is based on integrity, more than three-and-a-half centuries of proven expertise, and professional yet passionate dedication to their work.

Whether Harry knew it at the time or not, he also was reflecting on similar ideas held by Cherokee Indians and their Standing People, Johnny Appleseed planting and giving trees for sustenance and authors Henry David Thoreau writing about the natural beauty, including trees, around Walden Pond and Joyce Kilmer writing that he shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

The Cherokee call trees the Standing People and teach that they are the givers of the Earth providing for the needs of others.  Harry felt this.  Each tree in the Cherokee way of thinking, symbolizes permanence, longevity and its firm base symbolizes the concept of roots and an ongoing relationship with its surroundings.

Strength, stability, experience – just think of that tree.  That tree is not just a logo; it’s just not a tree; it's a symbol of a strong business with a high degree of character radiating beauty in many ways.  That's the Weber tree.  That's Weber & Associates.