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Weber and Associates – About Us

Weber & Associates, Inc. is a full-service financial aid consulting service company located in Greenville, South Carolina. The company was originally founded as Financial Aid Consulting and Training Service (FACTS) by Harry V. Weber in 1974.

Our History

Services provided involve Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HEA), which specifically involves federal student financial assistance for higher education programs. The services offered by Weber & Associates, Inc. are provided exclusively to higher education institutions, not to specific students.

Weber & Associates, Inc. specializes in managing Pell Grant, Campus-Based financial aid programs, and Federal Direct Loan processing. The professional staff employed by Weber & Associates, Inc. has total financial aid experience in excess of 350 years in the service of numerous higher education institutions. Following a philosophy that institution's needs are of paramount importance, each staff member seeks to function as an employee of that institution.

Weber & Associates currently serves over 200 institutions in over 300 locations and in 35 states and 3 foreign countries. The company manages every type of academic measurement and currently works with 1,000 different programs including clock-hour, credit-hour, non-standard term programs, in-class and online programs, and certificate, diploma, associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degree programs.

Our Team

Dr. Harry V. Weber, President

Dr. Harry V. Weber is the President and founder of Weber & Associates, which he established after owning and managing a small financial aid consulting service that he founded in 1974.  In 1993 the two companies were merged.  Weber has a wide breadth of knowledge of higher education issues as he has been a financial aid officer, admissions officer, school director and executive officer with a group of one- and two-year institutions.  During his early years in financial aid he was a nationally recognized trainer and speaker, a member of the National Counsel for NASFAA and widely recognized in the financial aid service sector.

Prior to establishing Weber & Associates, Harry was president of a large financial aid service in Florida for 8 years and in 1991 established the current company.  His “students first” philosophy and dedication to customer service, while expanding technology in financial aid servicing makes Weber & Associates a leader in its field.  Having been educated as a teacher, Weber feels that training of customer service staff and training of the institutional personnel served is of paramount importance and each staff member working with the institutional representatives should work for that institution as if they were employed by the institution. 

Joel Weber, Chief Operating Officer

Joel Weber brings to Weber & Associates a unique mix of leadership capabilities, business acumen, software development and service management experience and 20 years of success in growing businesses and streamlining business processes and operations through effective information management.  Before joining Weber & Associates, Joel worked at Sungard-EnForm Consulting as a software engineer, systems integrator and project manager serving numerous Fortune 100 clients in several business sectors including energy, securities and manufacturing.

Joel joined Weber & Associates in 2003 and leads the company in software product development, optimizing the company's technology infrastructure, information flows, business process improvement, and service to its clients.  He brings a unique combination of expertise in Enterprise Content Management, Operations Management, IT Services Management and Financial Aid Servicing to the team.  Joel holds a BS and MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Florida and a MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Art Jimenez, Chief Information Officer

Art Jimenez is the Chief Information Officer at Weber and Associates. With a background in IT, IT Consulting, Business Analysis, Project Management and Software Development, Art brings his skills to Weber to develop custom software and to provide the overall IT infrastructure solutions to Weber and their clients. Art provides the management of overseeing business processes and the related engineering, and project management related to IT security, analysis, data processing and implementation. In addition Art oversees the development of new software systems for the service and to supervise the current development staff to enhance the company’s financial aid systems.

Art began his career as a systems developer for the Georgia State Research Foundation performing research and development for Xerox, IBM, Siemens, NASA and the U.S. Air Force. He has built custom systems for the U.S. Air Force, Qantas Airlines, Lanier Products Worldwide, Nike, Kellogg's, Carnival Cruise Lines, Ernst & Young, the Department of Homeland Security and many others”.

Art’s software development licensing continues to sustain Weber & Associates, Inc. as leaders in the third-party service profession.

Debbie Cline, Director & Title IV Accountant

Debbie Cline is the Director of Title IV Accounting and Customer Service. Debbie is known as a Title IV expert having accrued vast experience and Title IV knowledge by working with multiple types of institutions of higher education and in different areas of Title IV. She has been with Weber & Associates for over fifteen years.

In her current position, Debbie assists client schools with audit preparation, submittal of annual FISAP reports, and reconciliation of Title IV programs. She also oversees and provides support to the Customer Service Department. When she is not working, Debbie enjoys spending time with family and friends and proudly wearing the Purple and Orange of her alma mater, Clemson University.

Katie Norris, Director, Virtual Financial Aid Office

Katie Norris is the Director of the Virtual Financial Aid Office division for Weber & Associates, overseeing all of the VFAO teams’ operation and service to clients. Her duties involve managing her team of school representatives along with overseeing the Initial File Review team and our skilled VFAO packaging team.

Katie started with Weber & Associates, Inc. in May 2004, as a processor for one of the largest VFAO schools. Since then she has assisted in improving operations in her department in many functional areas including standardization of school on-boarding, standardized processing procedures, and standardized employee training programs, data storage and package processing.

Katie has created and is also responsible for creating external-facing training programs for clients, specifically regarding the new NSLDS enrollment reporting.

Katie earned her B.S. in Business Administration at North Greenville University in 2003 (it was known as “North Greenville College” at that time) where she majored in Marketing. In college, she was an inaugural member of the cross-country team and her love of running continues to this day. She also holds a certification in Personal Training from the American Council on Exercise, which may seem at odds with knitting, another one of her passions.

Brian Snipes, Director of Strategic Development and Project Management

Brian Snipes is the Director of Strategic Development and Project Management at Weber & Associates. He brings over 20 years of experience working in Finance, Project Management, Marketing, Education, and IT. Before he came to Weber, he successfully led projects to integrate technology and education for one of the largest education organizations in the world while partnering with Apple, Inc. His fascination for data and the actionable information that it can provide changed Weber dramatically by giving insight into the statistics of the past and present.

Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and proven leadership skills to Weber & Associates. He loves leading projects across the company. His goal is to help Weber better serve clients and their students. He is responsible for managing the development of new IT systems, organizational development, business intelligence, and strategic development initiatives.

Prior to coming to Weber & Associates in 2014, Brian worked at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. He has worked in large multi-national corporations, family-owned businesses, and as a consultant. His background and unique perspective on using data drives decision-making so it may promote excellent leadership and sustainable growth. Brian holds a B.A. in Economics from Rollins College and an MBA from the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida.

Rosha Harrison, Manager, Virtual Financial Aid Office

Rosha Harrison has covered a lot of ground during her time at Weber and Associates. What started out as a processor position in 2002, has progressed and onto more responsibility in roles such as quality control, payment specialist, grant specialist and as an individual school representative. She now holds the very important role of Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO) manager. As a VFAO manager her duties include overseeing several customer service representatives, providing support, making sure we are giving the best customer service to school clients, and packaging and awarding students their financial aid. All of this is backed by previous corporate experience in procurement and education from Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina.

In her spare time she loves to travel, experiencing new places, and meeting people. She also enjoys spending time with her two children, family, and friends.

Cassandra Lee, Manager, Virtual Financial Aid Office

After working for a call center as a Customer Service Supervisor and Customer Service Trainer Manager, Cassandra Lee found her way to Weber and Associates to continue her career in customer service. Cassandra is a true customer service expert having earned a Customer Service Certificate and an AAS degree in Office System Technology from Greenville Technical in addition to her experience.

Cassandra joined Weber & Associates in 2003 as A Virtual Financial Aid Processor. She was recently promoted to Virtual Financial Aid Office Manager position on September 2014.

Corey Bowling, Manager, Virtual Financial Aid Office

Corey Bowling started with Weber as a specialist in 2015. His attention to detail was quickly realized, and he was soon tasked with writing training documents, training new employees, creating Weber policy documents, and assisting the development team in implementing new software to better service school clients. He now holds the position of Virtual Financial Aid Office Manager. Corey oversees a team of specialists who provide excellent, fast service for clients while supporting internal processing teams. He continues to work with Weber’s development team to find new and innovative ways to take service to the next level.

Corey earned his B.A. in English with cognate studies in Writing and Publication and a focus area in Critical Thinking from Clemson University in 2015. He ended his time at Clemson as a member of the National Honor Roll. In his free time, Corey enjoys watching and playing sports such as football and baseball. He is also an avid movie lover and enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family.

Ashley Lewers, Manager, Virtual Financial Aid Office

Ashley Lewers is the Manager of the Customer Service Department. Possessing more than 10 years of Customer Service experience, Ashley joined Weber & Associates after five years in banking. Ashley started at Weber & Associates in 2013. With experience in multiple roles—such as Payment Processing, Scheduling, Verification, and Customer Service—she became part of the Management Team as Customer Service Manager in 2017.

Ashley has an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and is a proud wife and mother of one. Ashley, who is also a licensed Cosmetologist, loves to style hair, sing, and dance in her spare time. Family and community involvement is most important to Ashley.