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For Financial Aid Professionals...

Online Start Form Training

Successful partnerships begin with a mutual understanding of the expectations and requirements. For our Online Start Form clients we are providing this training Webinar to answer your questions and guide you through the process of successful submission of start forms and the best practices for accuracy and timeliness.
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ED Express for Windows

The ED Express software is a PC application that processes, packages and manages Title IV student financial aid records. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) provides ED Express to post-secondary educational institutions that participate in its Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) process.

ED Express for Windows 2015-2016

ED Express for Windows 2014-2015

ED Express for Windows 2013-2014

Default Management

The following firms manage and prevent student loan defaults.

McKenzie Financial, Inc.

Pantheon Student Solutions

Other LinksDirect Loan Servicing Center
Obtain students' account status, payment schedule, account balance, exit counseling reports and other borrower information.

FAA Access Online
Use FAA Access Online to view students' SAR data, check the status of batches, and request a duplicate print of a renewal application

Federal Student Financial Assistance Homepage
Student Financial Assistance website for administrators

Information for Financial Aid Professionals
Electronic library for financial aid professionals

Needs Test
This form is used to prepare an approximation of the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

NSLDS Online Query
NSLDS for financial aid professionals to view and update borrower and payment information online

Student Aid Internet Gateway Online
Download Department of Education software and documentation

Student Aid Internet Gateway Enrollment Site
Secure website for updating enrollment information

US Dept. of Education Common Origination & Disbursement (COD)
Secure website for viewing origination and disbursement information

US Dept. of Education - G5
Secure website for viewing the disbursements made to a school

For Students...

Access America for students
Student gateway to the US government

Electronic Access Code (PIN Registration)
US Department of Education's PIN site

FAFSA on the Web
Online form for students to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid

National Student Loan Data System for students

Selective Service System
Website for students to register with Selective Service, or for financial aid professionals to check to see if a student is registered