Data & Software

Weber & Associates financial aid processing solutions provide you with relevant and timely data online. There is no software to install and it is available 24/7/365. Financial aid package requests can either be initiated solely by the student through our Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO™) or by a school representative counseling a student in-person. Weber & Associates provides web-based financial aid software solutions to both of these management service models. Through Weber’s exclusive Eagle Express service, institutions are able to import ISIRs and use our secure system to access ISIR Corrections, Cohort Default Rate data, and Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCR).

Weber & Associates prides itself on being completely dedicated and focused to providing the best service managing, processing, and servicing Title IV Financial Aid. Thus, our financial aid software solutions are not intended to be student lifecycle management suites or solutions. Our software solutions are a great “value-add” to your student services portfolio. 

Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO™)

The Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO™) financial aid management solution streamlines the entire financial aid interviewing, counseling, packaging, scheduling and disbursement process. With the VFAO™, the student initiates the aid package request via the VFAO™ Interview where she provides all of the specifics of her program enrollment and receives a detailed estimate of cost of education and aid eligibility. During the Interview, she also receives federally required entrance counseling related to receiving federal student loans for postsecondary education. If, during the student’s file review, it is determined that further documentation is required, the VFAO™ system will notify her and assist her in meeting the documentation need. Once a student’s aid is awarded, she will receive an award notice letter listing all aid types, amounts and the scheduled disbursement dates.

The VFAO™ system also provides school management users with a wide variety of reports for tracking individual student’s progress, anticipated and paid disbursements, campus-based aid management tools, tools to assist admissions and default management, overall processing statistics, and completed package content review. Web services for common integration points between the financial aid management and other administrative functions are available with our Virtual Financial Aid Office (VFAO™) offering.

Traditional Financial Aid Office – Online Start Form

The Online Start form provides Financial Aid Management staff at the institution with a quick way of transmitting the student’s enrollment data, estimated aid eligibility, and proposed disbursement dates to Weber & Associates for a thorough compliance review. In contrast to the VFAO™, the financial aid counselor at the institution performs the initial needs analysis and our financial aid management professionals act as your Quality Assurance staff and Financial Aid Back Office.

Eagle Express™

This online service is included with both the Virtual and Traditional Financial Aid Office solutions and provides the institutions, via the web, with a secure ISIR submission system, ISIR Corrections, Cohort Default Rate (ECDRs) reports, Borrower Default Rate (BDR) reports, and Student Status Confirmation Reports (SSCRs).

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